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When do you need to run a diagnostic test on your vehicle?

It is advised to book a diagnostic test as soon as there’s an indication that something is wrong with your vehicle. For example, if a warning light appears on the dashboard – that’s when you know it’s time to get your vehicle a diagnostic test. At Williams Garage, our diagnostic testing is quick, reasonably priced and can resolve any issues you may be experiencing. We can also guarantee that you will receive an honest, professional opinion on what to do if we spot a problem. We’ll never undergo any work on your vehicle without contacting you first.

Troubleshooting an issue

We have a lot of experience with dealing with diagnostic test and finding any problems with your vehicle. Our facilities were refurbished in 2015 and we have the latest technology and equipment to deal with any problems that your vehicle may have. For example, if a warning light flashes up on your dashboard you may assume the worst but we can help with that. We suggest referring to your vehicle’s user guide and contacting us as soon as possible. We can book you in for an appointment to try to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Engine diagnostic tests available in Winchester

We can find the source of a problem in a timely manner and suggest what the best options are to resolve it. Our mechanics have many years of experience in the motor industry and are always expanding their knowledge of the latest technologies available. Our team can test your vehicle for all kinds of issues, should anything arise our mechanics can then help you decide what the best solution is for your vehicle. Getting your vehicle diagnosed at our garage in Otterbourne in Winchester can save you time, hassle and money as opposed to having it completed at a main dealership. This is thanks to our continued investment in our diagnostic equipment which allows us to find all kinds of faults for all makes and models of vehicles.

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Convenient diagnostic testing

Diagnostic tests are fairly easy to run and can be completed quickly. We like to take care of our customers, so we offer waiting facilities where you can wait for your vehicle to be serviced. If you’d rather, we can provide a free collection and delivery service for your vehicle. We’re located on Main Road in Otterbourne, Winchester. And if you’re leaving your vehicle with us we’re located just one and a half miles away from Shawford Railway Station. This is a convenient public transport station that can give you access to National Rail services.

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You can contact us today to visit Williams Garage in Otterbourne, Winchester to book your vehicle in for a diagnostic check. Our team of highly qualified technicians can save you time, effort and money by troubleshooting any problems with your vehicle. We can provide the best solutions for all budgets and situations that may arise. At Williams Garage, we’ve been trading for over 37 years and our technicians are trained to resolve all kinds of diagnostic issues.

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