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Williams Garage provides comprehensive air conditioning servicing and repairs for customers in Chandlers Ford, Winchester and surrounding areas. When it comes to your air conditioning, it can be useful not only in the summer but in the winter too. The cool, dry air, not only keeps you comfortable when the sun’s shining in through the windows, but also helps to demist windows when the wet weather hits. Therefore, keeping your air conditioning system working throughout the year can be integral in keeping you safe on the roads.

Getting your air conditioning serviced

Most manufacturers recommend that you get your air conditioning serviced every 2 years. This is because your system will actually leak 10% of refrigerant gas each year. This refrigerant gas is the cool, dry air that helps to keep your system running smoothly. Over time, if there is no gas left in the system but it continues to be run, it can cause your car to use more petrol, and can overwork the system. Not only does this cost you money in fuel, but also costs you money when your air conditioning will need repairs conducted to get it back up and running as normal.

Getting a regular air conditioning check-up

At Williams Garage, our air conditioning health check ensures that we give your air conditioning just what it needs. If your system just needs a re-gas, then we’ll fill up the system and you can be on your way. However, sometimes the system will need to be checked for any leaks or blockages, which can involve stripping any remaining gas and passing through new gas so that we can see where the problems are lying. Whatever it is you need, we’ll inspect the system first so that we don’t do any work that isn’t necessary. If you need a full service on your air conditioning system, we’ll make sure we give it a complete refresh and give the whole system an anti-bacterial clean too.

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Making sure our customers are happy

Although we’ll check the system thoroughly for you, if you’re not still with us in our garage and had to go about the rest of your day, we’ll make sure that we get in touch if any repairs or additional servicing is needed on your air conditioning system. We won’t go ahead and do anything without your full permission, so there are no nasty shocks when you come to collect your car.

Book your air conditioning service online

To book a simple air conditioning service, it’s just a few simple clicks away. Not only can you book for your air conditioning service, but if you’re due an MOT or service you can book them at the same time too. You’ll be able to view prices before you book and at Williams Garage, we’d be more than happy to answer any queries you might have first before bringing your car into the garage. Simply get in touch or book online today.

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