Why Is My Steering Wheel Squeaking?

If either of your vehicle’s front wheels squeak when you turn left or right, then it is likely you have a squeaking steering wheel. This needs to be looked at and fixed by a skilled mechanic.

A steering wheel that squeaks when you drive can signal that there is an underlying issue which needs to be addressed.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your steering wheel is squeaking and what you should do to make it stop.

Damage to the Power Steering

Over time, the components in your car’s power steering system can wear out or become damaged. Parts such as the pump, steering gear, and hoses can squeak if they begin to fail or are faulty.

If the power steering pump is malfunctioning, then you may hear a squeaking sound, as the system will not be able to maintain the correct fluid pressure.

The power steering belt can squeak if it wears out, as it will likely slip when the wheel is turned. Worn out belts should be replaced as soon as possible if they are at all frayed or cracked.

Low or Contaminated Power Steering Fluid

If your vehicle is leaking power steering fluid, then you may notice a squeaking or grinding sound when you try to turn your vehicle either left or right. This can also happen if the fluid levels are low or have become contaminated.

The suspension, steering, tie rods, seals, bushing and ball-joints all need constant lubrication in order to move without squeaking.

Given that the power steering fluid is designed to lubricate several components, this squeaking can signal that there is an issue with the hydraulic power steering system.

You should regularly replace the power steering fluid to ensure that the rest of the system works well and is not damaged by any worn or burned fluid.

Damaged Steering Wheel Housing

In hot weather, the metal materials which make up the steering wheel housing can expand, causing them to squeak as they rub against the interior trim. You are likely to notice this type of squeaking if you have a new car.

If you continue to drive with an expanded steering wheel case, then you could unintentionally wear these components down. You may also experience poor steering and may need to react quickly in the event you need to make a turn. Your vehicle will likely require a repair if this is the reason for the squeaking.

If you notice a squeaking sound coming from your steering wheel, be sure to book an appointment with a professional garage in Otterbourne like Williams Garage.

The problem could be caused by something as simple as driving over an uneven road surface, but there could be a more serious problem which needs to be addressed. The issue could lie with your brakes, and it is especially important that you have any brake problems looked at as soon as possible.

The friendly team here at Williams Garage will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and can talk you through any suspension or steering repair work that your vehicle may need. Our team will happily offer useful maintenance tips to help you keep your suspension and steering system working well for longer too.

Book an appointment at our garage in Otterbourne today so that our team can stop the squeaking for you today.