Why Do My Car Brakes Squeak?

If you’ve noticed that your car brakes squeak, you might be worried about what is wrong. Unfortunately, a squeaking sound coming from your car brakes can be attributed to a number of issues with the braking system – and some are worse than others.

Whilst this sound does not always indicate that a part needs to be replaced, it can signal that your brakes are not working as efficiently as possible.

Cause of Squeaking Car Brakes #1 - Worn Brake Pads

When your car’s brake pads wear too thin, a squeaking sound may be produced if the exposed metal on the pads is allowed to grind against the rotors when you brake. This is the most serious cause of squeaking car brakes.

If you continue to drive with worn car brakes, you can do serious damage to other key components like the brake rotors and calipers. Worn braking components can additionally cause your tyres to wear unevenly, as hard braking can take a toll on your car’s tyres. You will likely also experience a slow response time from your brakes, and your car could pull to the side or vibrate when you brake.

Whilst you can technically drive with worn brakes, we would strongly advise against doing so.

Be sure to have your worn brake pads replaced and have your brake system inspected regularly so that you can extend the lifespan of your brakes.

Cause of Squeaking Car Brakes #2 - Heavy Loads

The more weight that your vehicle has to carry, the more pressure that your brakes will be under. If you tend to transport a full car of passengers - or have lots of heavy objects in your car boot - then you may notice a squeaking sound coming from your car brakes.

The metal in the braking system will expand as the brakes get hotter, which can make the squeaking more noticeable.

To make sure that this excess weight is the exact cause of the squeaking, don’t hesitate to book a brake repair or replacement in Otterbourne with us.

Cause of Squeaking Car Brakes #3 - Dirt and Debris

Any build-up of dirt, dust, stones or other debris in the braking system can have an impact on your braking efficiency. Whilst this debris should shake loose from the brakes over time, the brake disc, calipers or pads may need to be cleaned if they are causing this squeaking.

A professional mechanic will be happy to inspect the vehicle for you and advise you as to whether your vehicle would benefit from having its brakes cleaned.

Cause of Squeaking Car Brakes #4 - Wet Weather

If moisture is allowed to build up on the brakes following a period of wet or cold weather, this can cause the brakes to squeak if the brake pads are rubbing against the brake disc.

During particularly cold spells, brake components can even freeze, and so may produce a loud noise which will be most noticeable when you attempt to start your car in the morning if it has been exposed to the elements overnight.

How Do I Fix Squeaking Brakes?

The squeaking should stop once your vehicle has had enough time to heat up. If this isn’t the case, be sure to book an appointment with a professional garage in Otterbourne like Williams Garage.

A skilled garage in Otterbourne like Williams Garage will inspect your braking system thoroughly, checking the condition of important components like your car’s brake pads, rotors, fluid and calipers. Our expert technicians will be able to spot potential issues early on, helping you to avoid expensive repairs and costly breakdowns from appearing later down the line.

If you have noticed a squeaking coming from your car’s brakes, book a brake repair in Otterbourne and let the capable Williams Garage team make a difference to your vehicle.