What Is a Diagnostic Test?

A warning light on your car’s dashboard can signal that there is a bigger issue to address.

Many drivers don’t know what a diagnostic test is, even though most mechanics recommend booking a diagnostic check when you see a warning light or notice something is wrong with your vehicle.

What Is a Diagnostic Test?

During a diagnostic test, a certified technician can identify and diagnose issues with your vehicle’s systems and components.

Using specialist software to highlight developing faults, a diagnostic check can inform you about a range of issues with parts such as the engine, throttle, exhaust, ignition coils, transmission and brakes.

The following issues can also be identified during a diagnostic check:

  • Poor performance from the fuel Injection system
  • Build-up in the combustion engine
  • Poor ignition timing
  • Ignition coil firing failure
  • Low or high RPM levels

How Do Car Diagnostic Tests Work?

A diagnostic test makes use of the engine control unit (ECU), which is a feature of most modern cars. The ECU uses sensors to identify issues as they occur. Each issue will generate a specific error code – which will cause a corresponding warning light to appear on your car’s dashboard.

Whilst a dashboard warning light can signal that there is a problem, a technician will need to use specialist vehicle diagnostics equipment to read the error code and identify the issue.

The test itself only takes around an hour to complete, meaning it won’t take long to make sure your vehicle is functioning well.

Book an Expert Diagnostic Test in Winchester with Williams Garage

When you book a diagnostic test in Winchester at a skilled garage like Williams Garage, you can ensure that your vehicle is functioning as it should be. Our capable team of technicians provide effective solutions to your car problems and can help you avoid a potentially costly breakdown taking place in the future.

One of our skilled mechanics will speak to you to understand exactly what is wrong with your car before the diagnostic process begins.

After the diagnostic check has been carried out, we will talk you through any repairs that your vehicle may need to help your vehicle run as smoothly as possible.

Be sure to book a diagnostic check in Winchester with Williams Garage if you are at all concerned about your vehicle’s health or behaviour.