Is There a Problem with My Car’s Suspension?

Your car’s suspension system absorbs the bumps in the road’s surface, allowing you to brake and accelerate smoothly when needed.

When your car suspension wears out, this can lead to a rougher ride and increased stopping distance.

You must be able to spot the signs that your suspension is wearing out, so that you can arrange to have any suspension issues resolved by a professional garage.

Uneven Tyre Wear

If you notice uneven tyre tread wear, then this could be the result of worn suspension components.

Alternatively, accelerated tread wear on one side – be it inner or outer – may signal that your wheel alignment requires an adjustment.

The sooner that you fix a suspension problem, the longer your tyres may last. That’s why it’s always worth being proactive about your vehicle’s condition.

Car Pulling to the Side

If your car pulls or drifts to one side as you drive, this can indicate that your vehicle is suffering from suspension problems.

You may also hear a knocking sound if your suspension system is failing.

Misaligned wheels or suspension components can cause uneven weight distribution, leading to steering issues.

For your own safety, you should have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible, as you may struggle to control your car on the road – especially when travelling at high speed.

Unusual Noises

A clunking, clanging or squeaking sound that you hear whilst driving over rough terrain can signal potential suspension issues.

You may also hear such noises when cornering, accelerating or braking, or if you drive over a pothole or speed bump.

These noises can be the result of worn-out bushings, ball joints or other suspension components.

If you ignore these sounds for too long, this can lead to further damage and costly repairs down the line.

It is likely that a suspension component has loosened and will continue to wear out if a mechanic does not address the issue soon.

Williams Garage Are Here to Fix Your Car’s Suspension Problems

Any number of issues could be affecting your car’s suspension, which is why it is so important to consult a professional garage.

The Williams Garage team can resolve your vehicle’s suspension problems with ease. The in-depth work we do here at our garage in Winchester can increase the safety of your vehicle and enhance handling and stability.

Not to mention that booking a timely appointment can prevent further damage and help to maintain your vehicle’s value.

If you’ve noticed any of the issues we’ve mentioned above, there’s a good chance you have a suspension problem. Contact us today to book an inspection and get your issue fixed as soon as possible.