How to Fix Your Car’s Smelly Air Conditioning

If your car’s air conditioning system is smelly, this can point to a bigger issue with your vehicle. Anything from low refrigerant levels to low system pressure could be causing the problem.

However, it is possible to fix your car’s smelly air conditioning yourself.

First, you need to locate the drain tube in your car and check that it is working properly. Once you are certain that it is, it’s time to tackle the mould which has likely formed in your car’s air conditioning system.

Turn off your vehicle’s air conditioning 5 minutes before turning off your vehicle. Be sure to leave the fan on for a little while after driving to help dry out the system.

You can then begin to clean - or replace - your air conditioning filter. Remove the air filter from your car - you may need to unscrew a section of the housing to do so.

Once the air filter is out, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to pick up some of the dust that is blocking the filter. Do so for about 2 minutes on each side of the air filter.

If your air filter still looks dirty, then you can clean it gently with a mixture of water and a small amount of laundry detergent. Just submerge your car’s air filter in a bucket filled with the liquid, aiming to dislodge any remaining dirt and dust.

Remember, your car’s air filter will need time to dry completely, which can take up to 24 hours. Replacing an air filter that is even slightly damp can cause serious damage to your engine.

Williams Garage in Winchester Offers an Easier Solution to Fix Smelly Car Air Conditioning

While it is fairly simple to fix smelly car air conditioning, it may still be a daunting prospect. You should only attempt to fix your car’s smelly air conditioning if you feel confident doing so.

If you would prefer to avoid taking a risk, you can book an air conditioning service in Winchester with Williams Garage and let an expert garage team do this for you. A professional mechanic will inspect the part, and ensure that it cannot cause further damage to any related components.

When you book in for a car air conditioning service with us, our dependable team will find and fix the issue for you in no time. As a fault with the air conditioning unit can lead to issues with the engine, it is essential that you book in with a professional garage team like Williams Garage at the first sign of trouble.

Stay one step ahead of car problems and book an air conditioning service to fix your smelly air conditioning with Williams Garage today.


What Causes Smelly Air Conditioning?

Your car’s smelly air conditioning can be caused by a build-up of moisture. When moisture struggles to exit the A/C unit, water can pool and cause mould and bacteria to grow within the system.

No matter how often you use your air conditioning system, this bacteria growth can become a major problem.

Does My Car Need an Air Conditioning Service or Regas?

The service that your car needs will depend on whether or not your car’s air conditioning system is still able to blow cool air into the cabin. If not, then the refrigerant gas may need to be replaced during an air con regas.

Though, there could be another reason that your car’s air conditioning system is struggling to blow cold air, which is why it is worth getting a mechanic’s opinion. If you would like to stay one step ahead of potential air conditioning problems, we would advise you to have your air con regassed every 2 years, to improve fuel efficiency and avoid unnecessary repairs.

An air conditioning service is much more thorough. During your car’s air con service, a skilled mechanic will check the overall health of your air conditioning system. The lubricant level of your car’s air conditioning system and the level of old refrigerant gas will be inspected. A mechanic can also perform a vacuum test, looking for any leaks or cracks that could develop over time.

A regas usually takes around 45 minutes to complete while an air conditioning service can take slightly over an hour to complete to the highest standard.