Can You Drive a Car Without an MOT?

As an MOT is a yearly legal requirement for all vehicles that are at least 3 years old, you CANNOT drive or even park on UK roads without a valid certificate. These rules apply to electric vehicles as well.

The only vehicles which will not require an MOT are tractors, certain ‘classic’ vehicles and certain electric goods vehicles.

Vehicles which are less than three years old do not necessarily require an MOT, but you can still book a test if you would like to.

What Happens If I Drive Without an MOT?

If you are caught driving without a valid MOT certificate, this could land you a £1,000 fine, and a further £2,500 fine if your vehicle is determined not to be roadworthy. You may also gain 3 points on your driving licence for each fault found.

It is only acceptable to drive without a valid MOT certificate if you are travelling to a pre-booked MOT test, or to have any issues that saw your vehicle previously fail its MOT fixed. You must be able to confirm with the test centre or garage you booked with to prove this in the event you are stopped by the police.

If you have lost your MOT certificate, you can apply for a replacement online. If your vehicle has failed its most recent MOT, then you should only continue to drive if you have a valid MOT certificate from the previous year, and no ‘dangerous’ faults were found during the most recent test.

Driving without a valid MOT certificate can also invalidate your car insurance, and possibly land you an unlimited fine, additional points on your licence. In some cases, it can even disqualify you from driving altogether.

Williams Garage Are Here to Help With Your MOT in Winchester

If your MOT is due, or you’re worried you’re driving without a valid certificate, Williams Garage is here to help. Our dependable garage team consistently strives to deliver the highest standard of car care, which can really improve your vehicle’s performance.

We know how important it is to have a valid MOT at all times, so it’s imperative that you book an MOT with a garage in Winchester that is more than qualified to perform accurate testing, no matter what vehicle you drive. Here at Williams Garage, we prioritise customer safety and satisfaction above all else. Book an MOT with us today and avoid the risk of driving around Winchester without an MOT.

When Should I Book an MOT?

Your MOT will be valid for 12 months, starting from the date of the test to the same date of the next year. You can book an MOT as early as you would like, but if you book your MOT more than a month in advance of the expiry date of your current certificate, the expiry date will then become the date of this more recent test.

We would recommend that you book an MOT up to a month before the expiry date of your current MOT certificate, so that you can keep the same expiry date for the following year. This also gives you plenty of time to fix any potential faults and avoid driving without an MOT.

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